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Guldeep is our deep blue-hued peshwas signature MNR ensemble. The top is made of the light cotton net that is hand-block printed and adorned with special embroidered and intricate embellishment across the hem and the sleeves feature elongated Mughal boteh motifs. It is paired with a coordinated organza dupatta in matching color adorned with trims across all sides and featuring complimenting block printed Mughal motifs.
Rs 95,000
Immediate Delivery


Daneen is our red garnet hued Peshwas' signature MNR ensemble. Made of luxurious Indian silk, it features a collage of blockprinted patterns across the whole expanse of the skirt, and the sleeves feature contrasting accents. The whole garment is adorned with intricate handworked embellishments, giving it an eclectic flair. It is paired with a coordinated organza dupatta in a matching colour, adorned with block printed motifs and a gotta trim to give it a festive look.
Rs 170,000
Immediate Delivery


Mahwish is our pearl white kameez gahrara signature MNR ensemble. Crafted out of light cotton net fabric, the shirt features sprawling motifs block printed across the neckline, sleeves and hem, they are further accentuated with jamawar applique and intricate adda work. It is paired with a coordinated organza dupatta in matching colour adorned with multihead embroidery and gharara accented with kacha tila, jamawar applique and decorative trims for a regal look.
Rs 135,000
Immediate Delivery


Minahil is our plush sky blue and pink hued kameez shalwar signature MNR ensemble. Crafted out of swish Indian silk, it features playful accents of chatta pati across the neckline along with panels of jamawar, motifs done with blockprint and further accentuated with hand embroidery in soft metallics. The coordinating dupatta features kacha tilla and complementing block printed motifs for a decadent look. The shalwar is also done in chattapati but in pastel shades and embellished with festive block print motifs, making it look like a delicious confection.
Rs 125,000
Immediate Delivery


Zimal is our royal blue and desi gulabi pink hued kameex gharara signature MNR ensemble. The shirt is made out of magnificent kattan silk featuring beautiful jamawar applique, further enhanced by beautiful sheesha embellishments and gilded thread adda work. It is paired with a matching gharara with golden lattice patterns in block print along with hand embroidery depicting mughal floral motifs. The look is completed by a contrasting dupatta in the hues of desi rose, featuring metallic foil printing like chunri motifs for a playfully summery look
Rs 130,000
Immediate Delivery


Nashmia is our tea pink hued Peshwas' signature MNR ensemble. The ensemble is layered with two kinds of silk, the top one is made of karandi silk with kacha tilla gilded patterns and the other below is denser Italian silk. The bodice features traditional North Indian patterned adda work and sweeping multi-headed embroidery vines. The panels of the skirt feature a melange of patterns and designs, making for an eclectic look that will never fail to catch attention. It is paired with a matching organza dupatta in the same shade, also decorated with katcha tilla borders.
Rs 165,000
Immediate Delivery


Eeshal is our Jaipur red kameez pajama signature MNR ensemble. The shirt is made out of luxurious Italian silk and features a block print of birds across the sleeves and hem of the shirt done in pink, green and gold. It is further embellished with glittering sheesha work and hand embroidery across the neckline. The ensemble is completed with a traditional pajama of matching hue featuring complementing block printed motifs and embroidery around the cuffs. It is paired with a light organza dupatta in a contrasting henna green shade, also adorned with blockprints of bird motifs, spray of sequins and trims across all sides
Rs 120,000
Immediate Delivery


Abeer is our Jaipur pink and Dhani green kameez pajama signature MNR ensemble. The shirt is cut out of luxe Italian silk adorned with metallic block print that is further embellished with golden adda work and sequins. The neckline is heavily embroidered in traditional mughal motifs with adda work and metallic trims line the hemline. The ensemble is completed with a traditional pajama made out of matching hued silk fabric, also featuring elegant blockprint and trims. It is paired with light dupatta in matching green with kacha tilla and heavy embroidered borders across all sides for a decadent look perfect for a summer wedding.
Rs 175,000
Immediate Delivery


Motihaar is our delightful pearlescent traditional Lahori Sharara, Kameez ensemble. The organza kameez is heavily embroidered in patterns of architerical arch and floral vase motif across the front done in tonal threadwork and glittering embellishments, the hem of the shirt and sleeves features meticulous Mughal jaal for royal look. The roomy Pajama is done organza and is also decadently embroidered with a thick ornamental border around the cuffs. The ensemble is paired with an organza dupatta heavily embroidered with lotus flower vines done in tonal threadwork and accented with glittering embellishments.
Rs 67,500
Immediate Delivery


Kajal is our festive surmai black peshwas ensemble. The paper silk peshwas features traditional Mughal flair with traditional chand bali motifs across the bodice done in beautiful gold, and coral threadwork, the skirt features chevron and motifs of floral vases. It is paired with a matching organza dupatta adorned with block printed Mughal motifs and is accented with embroidery bordering on all four sides.
Rs 74,500
Immediate Delivery


Model is wearing MALA, our sand-colored paper silk peplum shirt featuring block printed motifs of paisley and floral borders across the span of the skirt and sleeves. It is paired with a coordinated sand colored paper silk Shalwar also decorated with block printed designs. Accessorized with a self-patterned breezy organza dupatta featuring block printed and embroidered embellishments perfect for a summer festive look.
Rs 54,500
Immediate Delivery


Model wears Tarranum, a light green mist colored organza kurta with self woven in lattice pattern. It features delicate paisley embroidery around the neckline and spray of decorative Mughal motifs made of beadwork and glimmering sequins along the sleeves. It is paired with a self-patterned cotton shalwar finished with a refined edging along the cuff. Accessorized with a graceful organza dupatta with block printed motifs and a beautiful trim across the borders.
Rs 46,500

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