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Aqib" ensemble, a katha brown-red kurta and trousers in the ethereal cotton net fabric. Featuring exquisite block printed designs and tonal embroidery along the button placket, hem, and forearms, the ensemble exudes timeless sophistication. The embellishments are further elevated with coordinating trims, all harmonized in the base fabric's rich hue. Paired with a plain trouser and a shawl adorned with tonal trims, this ensemble is an impeccable choice for Eid, marrying tradition with a contemporary aesthetic
Rs 24,500
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Step into elegance with MNR Menswear's "Bahram" ensemble, a pristine white kurta made from light lawn fabric. Adorned with exquisite white multihead embroidery of floral vines all over, the neckline features intricate doori work, adding a touch of sophistication. The ensemble is completed with slim trousers, making it a perfect choice for Eid celebrations. Embrace the festive spirit with grace and style.
Rs 27,500
Immediate Delivery


Dive into the epitome of style with MNR Menswear's "Balaaj" ensemble, where the olive green cotton net kurta becomes a canvas for meticulously crafted block printed motifs. The embroidered neckline and sleeves add an air of grace, effortlessly paired with plain cotton net trousers. Elevate your Eid celebration with this regal choice, adorned with a 2.5-yard-long block-printed shawl for an extra layer of timeless elegance.
Rs 34,500
Immediate Delivery


Embark on a sartorial journey with MNR Menswear's "Rahbar" ensemble, where elegance meets celestial charm. This asmaani blue hued kurta, crafted from Karandi fabric, features a symphony of multihead embroidery and intricate doori work, illustrating lyrical floral vines in white. Enhanced with delicate embroidery around the placket and collar, it pairs seamlessly with plain blue trousers. Elevate your Eid celebration with this sophisticated ensemble, a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary allure.
Rs 26,500
Immediate Delivery


MNR Menswear's "Rawish" ensemble, features a white kurta crafted from ethereal cotton net fabric. Resplendent embroidery in pistachio green and tea pink dances across the chest, adorned with delicate mukesh accents. Paired effortlessly with plain cotton net trousers, the ensemble reaches its zenith with a tie-and-dye pure organza shawl. Intricately detailed with tonal block printed motifs and embroidery, this ensemble is the epitome of Eid elegance, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair
Rs 27,500


MNRs "Roshaan" ensemble features a sand-colored kurta crafted from exquisite chikan-like fabric, adorned with intricate multihead embroidery and eyelets. The placket and collar subtly shimmer with metallic accents, adding a touch of regality. Enhanced with trims on sleeves, this ensemble is a timeless choice for Eid celebrations, seamlessly paired with comfortable plain lawn trousers. Elevate your festive style with a perfect blend of tradition and sophistication.
Rs 29,500
Immediate Delivery


Indulge in the regal charm of MNR Menswear's "Safdar" ensemble, featuring a luxurious blue kurta made from paper silk fabric. Adorned with a captivating jaali grill pattern multihead embroidery, this ensemble exudes opulence. The front open construction lends sherwani vibes without compromising comfort, perfectly paired with plain karandi blue trousers. Elevate your Eid celebrations with this distinguished ensemble, blending tradition and modern sophistication seamlessly
Rs 32,500


MNR Menswear's "Safeen" ensemble, a lilac-hued cotton net kurta adorned with tonal multihead embroidery. Elegance finds its muse in the intricate detailing along the placket, collar, and sleeves. Glittering metallic accents add a festive gamour, making it the perfect choice for Eid celebrations. Paired effortlessly with plain trousers, this ensemble captures the essence of refined festivity.
Rs 37,500
Immediate Delivery


Introducing the "Sufyan" ensemble from MNR Menswear – a vision of white sophistication. The cotton net kurta showcases intricate block printing and embroidery in a grid pattern on the front and sleeves, paired seamlessly with plain cotton net trousers. Elevate the look with a white kulla crafted from karandi fabric, featuring block printing and an adorned shawl with delicate trims. Perfect for Eid celebrations, embrace timeless grace and attention to detail in this exquisite ensemble.
Rs 27,500


"Qamar - A" ensemble is a vision of purity in a white karandi kurta adorned with delicate embroidery of vegetal sprigs and captivating block printed motifs. Intricate trims embellish the hem and sleeves, while a tonal waistcoat adds an extra layer of sophistication. The waistcoat features floral bunch embroidery and delicate doori work, perfectly paired with a white cotton net traditional shalwar adorned with dori work. This ensemble is a sublime choice for Eid, blending timeless tradition with contemporary elegance.
Rs 34,500


Enter the vibrant tapestry of MNR Menswear's "Qamar - B" ensemble, featuring a lime-yellow kurta crafted from smooth Plain Karandi fabric. Adorned with delicate block printed motifs, the ensemble showcases intricate embroidery along the hem and sleeves. A layer of elegance is added with a waistcoat enhanced by trims, featuring embossed designs and doori work. Ideal for Eid, this ensemble captures the spirit of festivity while maintaining an air of refined charm
Rs 34,500


"Safeer" ensemble features a white cotton net kurta adorned with embossed embellishments and a block printed technique. The broad Mughal jaali pattern, in tonal white, graces the entirety of the kurta, complemented by meticulous embroidery on the sleeves, placket, and collar. The ensemble is elevated with a matching waistcoat featuring tonal sunburst-like floral motifs across the chest. Paired with plain trousers, this ensemble is an impeccable choice for Eid, seamlessly blending simple elegance and modernity
Rs 38,500


Immerse yourself in the charm of the "Shahbala" signature MNR ensemble, featuring a white self cotton net waistcoat adorned with exquisite mukaish embellishment. Elevate your elegance with a white self cotton net kurta boasting intricate hem embroidery, effortlessly paired with a plain cotton net bottom.
Rs 59,500


Dive into the world of timeless sophistication with our signature MNR"Sehra" ensemble. The white cotton net heavy hand-embellished sherwani is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, adorned with the enchanting artistry of Mukaish embroidery. Mukaish, with its delicate metallic threads, adds a celestial shimmer to this ensemble, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity.
Rs 120,000


Step into a world of regal splendor with the signature MNR "ASRAR" ensemble. The white cotton sherwani, adorned with Zardozi Tilla technique and small boteh motifs, is a timeless masterpiece. Tilla embroidery, with its intricately woven metallic threads, adds an opulent touch, creating a harmonious blend of tradition. Complementing this, the white tonal embroidered cotton silk kurta paired with a plain cotton net bottom is a symphony of elegance.
Rs 120,000


The "ASADULLAH" ensemble redefines groom's attire for the modern era. A white cotton net sherwani adorned with delicate gold Mukaish work on the collar and a captivating floral vine across the hem. Tiny, shimmering dots of metallic brilliance create a celestial aura, embodying tradition and sophistication. The mid-thigh length imparts a contemporary edge, perfect for today's discerning groom.
Rs 90,000


The signature MNR "Hamdam" ensemble presents a captivating blend of tradition and sophistication. The waistcoat, crafted from a white cotton net, boasts intricate tonal white threadwork, which weaves an enchanting narrative of elegance. Adorned with glittering metallic accents, it exudes opulence fit for a groom of distinction. Paired with a white cotton net embroidered sleeves kurta and plain trousers, this ensemble showcases the allure of tonal embroidery on South Asian grooms wear, where subtle nuances of craftsmanship illuminate the path to sartorial excellence.
Rs 49,500


"FARID" our signature MNR ensemble is a testament to the artistry of understated opulence. The sherwani, crafted in a mesmerizing beige gold fabric is decorated with dori embroidery technique, adorns itself with graceful lotus motifs across its expanse. Yet, what truly captivates the discerning eye are the decadently embroidered floral scapes gracefully meandering across the sleeves and hem, all in tonal shades. This subtlety in the intricate embroidery is where the "FARID" ensemble truly shines,
Rs 130,000


Signature MNR "Feroze" ensemble features a sherwani, draped in a mesmerizing beige gold hue, is crafted from decadent self karandi fabric, adorned with intricate Mughal patterns. Its allure extends to the rich jacquard pattern that adorns the fabric, a nod to timeless craftsmanship. However, what truly captivates is the gilded work across the sleeves, a showcase of traditional Mughal motifs. Here, a bouquet of resplendent flowers in various tones of gold emerges, bestowing an opulent richness to this ensemble that is nothing short of regal.
Rs 92,500


"Yousaf" our signatur MNR ensemble is a harmonious blend of youthful charm and refinement. The lilac-hued karandi waistcoat, embellished with exquisite Mughal paisley boteh and delicate borders of floral vines, exudes a princely aura. Paired effortlessly with a karandi kurta featuring intricate embroidery on the sleeves and plain pajama, this ensemble embodies the essence of festive celebrations. The waistcoat draped over the kurta and pajama creates the perfect fusion of grace and style, an ideal choice for those special occasions where elegance takes center stage.
Rs 42,500


Elevate your style with "SOHAIL" our signature MNR ensemble. The sherwani is curated out of the selfprint fabric. This ensemble epitomizes timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.
Rs 78,000


Embrace opulence with the "Arooj" outfit, resplendent in a radiant shade of beige gold. Crafted from rich zari cotton fabric, it showcases intricate heavy embroidery. This is a masterpiece for any groom's big day,it is perfect for those moments when every detail matters.
Rs 160,000

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