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Step into the regal world of the Rangeeli ensemble – a sartorial symphony of heritage and style. The ferozi blue lehnga boasts teal blue and grey appliques adorned with goti and block, creating a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The halterneck choli features exquisite goti work, while the organza dupatta, embellished with block print and goti, adds a touch of royal elegance. This is our contemprary take on gota patti work, a centuries-old art form that breathes life into each stitch
Lehnga: Turquoise Blue lehnga with Teal blue and grey appliques enhanced with goti and block .
Choli: Halterneck choli with goti work.
dupatta: Organza dupatta with block print and goti and enhanced with trims.

Rs 230,000


Immerse yourself in the Karishma ensemble, where a kajal black Indian silk lehnga embraces grey appliques, goti, and trims. The Indian silk choli features arri and adda work, culminating in trims, while the organza dupatta with trims, block print, and Kiran detailing adds an enchanting finishing touch. This ensemble pays homage to the rich history of Gota Patti work – an ancient craft dating back to the Mughal era, infusing this modern masterpiece with a touch of regal allure.
Lehnga: Black Indian silk lehnga with gery applique enhanced with goti and trims.   
Choli: Indian silk choli with arri and adda work finished with trims. 
Dupatta: Organza dupatta with trims enhanced with block and finished with Kiran.

Rs 195,000


Embrace warmth and richness in the Inzar ensemble, showcasing a petal brown Indian silk lehenga adorned with dark brown appliques and intricate goti kinari. The Indian silk choli boasts goti and adda work, harmonizing seamlessly with the organza dupatta featuring block print and enhanced trims. The earthy tones create a captivating canvas, reflecting the beauty of nature's hues.
Lehnga: Brown Indian silk lehnga with dark brown appliques enhanced with goti kinari.
Choli: Indian silk choli with goti and adda work.
Dupatta: Organza dupatta with block print and enhanced with trims.

Rs 230,000


Illuminate the scene with the Ratan ensemble, featuring a chandi-hued lehenga adorned with pink and green appliques, block print, and goti. The Indian silk choli showcases block and adda work, while the double-tone dupatta with block and goti-enhanced trims captures the essence of contemporary regality.
Lehnga: Silver lehnga with pink and green appliques enhanced with block print and goti.
Choil: Indian silk body with block and adda work.
dupatta: Double-tone dupatta with block and goti enhanced with trims.

Rs 220,000


Embrace the natural allure of the Amaltas ensemble, featuring a zaitoon green Indian silk lehenga adorned with khaki appliques. The Indian silk choli boasts block and adda work, complementing the Sitari organza dupatta with Indian silk goti and intricate trims. Traditionally used to adorn royal attire, Gota patti is here reimagined to grace this ensemble with cultural richness.
Lehnga: Olive green lehnga in Indian silk with khaki appliques.
Choli: Indian silk choli with block and adda work.
Dupatta: Siitari organza dupatta with Indian silk goti and enhanced with trims. 

Rs 230,000


Step into elegance with the Nisa ensemble, showcasing a moti white Indian silk lehenga adorned with two-color appliques, block, and goti, enhanced with trims. The complimenting moti white choli features adda and goti work, while the Kacha tila dupatta with arri, shisha work, and a four-side border enhanced with kiran adds a touch of timeless charm. The gotta trims used here originally derived from the Persian word 'gota,' meaning 'string,' is meticulously handcrafted by artisans, infusing each piece with unparalleled artistry.
Lehnga: Indian silk lehenga with two color appliques with block and goti enhanced with trims.
Choli: Off-white choli with adda and goti work.
dupatta: Kacha tila dupatta with arri and shisha work, Kacha tila 4 side border enhanced with Kiran.

Rs 210,000

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